For questions about the referral program, please reach out to us via email at

In order for referral awards to apply, referred clients must book online and pay the subsequent deposit to secure their appointment. Referred clients must also write the name of the referee in the "Include a message" section at checkout. Failure to do so may result in delay of rewards.

Beauttega Permanent Makeup Referral Rewards

Beauttega's permanent makeup referral program exclusively applies to touch-ups for our Machine Hair Strokes and Hybrid Brows services. (Both six-to-eight week and annual touch-ups.)

  • One year+ following your initial session of either service, you may return to Beauttega for an annual touch-up. The cost of an annual PMU touch-up at Beauttega is $530 or $730.

With each referral of an initial session of Machine Hair Strokes or Hybrid Brows, you will receive a $75 credit towards the balance of your $150 six-to-eight week touch-up. If you refer more than two people, the extra credits will apply towards your annual touch-up balance of $530 or $730.

  • Six to eight weeks following your initial session of either service, you may be required to return to Beauttega for a touch-up. The cost of a six-to-eight week PMU touch-up at Beauttega is $150.