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With an ever-growing amount of techniques in the permanent makeup industry, sometimes it can be overwhelming deciding which service suits your needs. For this reason, we have decided to curate a short list of services specifically aimed at achieving natural, hyper realistic results. Whether you are looking to have your old permanent makeup removed, a temporary brow enhancement, or a permanent brow makeover, we are confident in our ability to achieve your dream brows.

Deciding on a service can be nerve wracking, but it doesn't have to be...

This service is all about maintenance. Our artist constructs a custom brow shape for each client and confirms the shape with a symmetry app. The hairs are then tweezed/trimmed into your newly manicured shape.

Brow Grooming

If you are looking for a low-maintenance, temporary brow enhancement this is the service for you. This technique stains the brow hairs as well as the skin to create a more defined look without having to use makeup.

Brow Shape & Stain

This temporary brow solution is a non-invasive technique that tames and redirects the brow hairs making them easy to manage and style into any look. Unlike other techniques, ours will not damage your eyebrow hairs.

Brow Air Lamination

Let's create something truly beautiful

This service is a minimally-invasive permanent makeup brow solution for individuals that desire a more full and natural brow look. Our artists achieve this result by using the same cosmetic tattoo machine used for Machine Hair Strokes.

Hybrid Brows

This removal service is the newest and most effective non-invasive technique that uses magnetic solution in combination with magnetic needles to glide across the epidermis while removing pigment from the dermis.

Magnetic Removal

Also known as "Nano Brows," this technique is minimally invasive and utilizes a single-needled cosmetic tattoo machine to embed pigment superficially into the dermis. This is the most natural-looking form of permanent makeup.

Similar to our Shape and Stain service, this technique is for clients seeking a low-maintenance temporary brow solution. This service lasts the same amount of time on the hairs as our stain, but significantly less time on the skin.

Brow Shape & Tint

Machine Hair Strokes

This lip blush technique is specifically focused on a natural approach. Our goal is to subtly enhance the color and shape of your lips. You can expect sheer, airy healed results that fade out beautifully over time.

Lip Blush




Be sure to diligently follow our aftercare instructions to ensure the best healed results. Not following each and every step will most likely result in unsatisfactory healed results.

After your appointment

At the beginning of the appointment, you should expect to have a brief consultation with your artist to discuss what your desired outcome is. Depending on the service, your appointment may begin with a brow mapping session. This is where the shape of your new brow will be designed to match the symmetry of your face and the natural color of your hair. After you approve of the design, the artist will begin creating your new dream brows with minimal to no pain whatsoever. After the session is complete, feel free to discuss with your artist about any changes or additions you would like to have done with your brows.

During your appointment

Prior to your appointment, it's important to pay attention to any pre-care instructions listed or provided to you. This is how we make sure you leave your appointment with stunning results and a smile from brow to brow!

For our temporary services (air lamination, shape and stain, shape and tint, grooming) the pre-care is simple, just show up with clean, makeup-free brows and leave the rest to us.

For our permanent services (machine hair strokes, soft powder brows) the pre-care is a bit more in depth, that's why we have created a brief sheet for you to take a look at here: 

Before your appointment



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