1. Begin by washing your hands. Then, use lukewarm bottled water to dampen a cotton pad and wipe the brows, making sure to follow the direction of your hair growth. Avoid excessive scrubbing!

2. Gently dry your brows with a paper towel. Do not use a body towel as they carry bacteria.

3. Apply a sheer layer of the balm to your brows—a rice grain amount of the balm should be sufficient for both. Your brows should feel hydrated while also being able to breathe. This helps promote the healing process.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 daily, AM & PM. You may stop using the wash and balm after about 2-3 weeks post procedure once the brows are fully healed.

The aftercare supplies provided in the kit are enough to last through the initial session and touch-up. Should you run out of aftercare products before the estimated healing window is complete, a follow-up kit is available for an additional $15.00.

The Following Days 2-14:

Do not touch, pick, or scratch the brows. Treat them like you would an open wound. Picking at the scabs can pull the pigment out of the skin!

Do not apply makeup or products onto the brows to avoid infection. When they're fully healed, avoid using anti-aging and acne products on them.

Day of the Procedure:

  • Keep the brow area dry! This means no sweating or swimming for 10-14 days.

  • Use the provided shower shields to help keep your brows dry. If you have oily skin, wash your face first or use an alcohol pad to wipe the area of your forehead to ensure the shield sticks properly.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure (wear a hat)

  • Once your brows are fully healed, use a clear SPF stick daily on them to protect the pigment from getting bleached by the sun.

  • Avoid sleeping on your face and change your current pillowcase for a clean one. This will help to avoid premature flaking which could cause loss of pigment. Tip: Use an airplane pillow while sleeping to help avoid waking up on your side or stomach.

During the Healing Process:

What to Avoid

WHAT to avoid

Approximately 30 minutes after your procedure, wet one of the single use cotton pads provided in your kit (you can also use a clean paper towel or napkin) with lukewarm sterile (bottled) water. Then, gently pat your brows with the provided pad and fan dry.

Wait an additional 30 minutes then repeat once. This will help prevent potential scabbing from lymph build up.




Oh good, my brows are back!

Wow! I love my new brows!




My eyebrows are perfect! I love them!


Now they are scabbing and flaking off..


Oh no! My brows look too dark and thick!


Umm, my brows are gone?





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