Do not consume alcohol or blood thinners 48 hours prior to appointment! (Ex: ibuprofen, aspirin, advil, niacin, vitamin E, fish oil, turmeric, prenatals)


this is a temporary bROW sERVICE.

Air Lamination is a temporary eyebrow lamination technique that tames and redirects the brow hairs, making them easy to manage and style how you would like. Instead of slicking the hairs straight to the skin and creating a stress point or kink in them, the hairs are redirected at the base and a small pocket of air is left under them. This method is significantly healthier for the brows than other traditional lamination techniques and it avoids kinks during the grow out period.

Yes. This technique includes a brow tint, however, if the client is looking for a very natural lamination result, the tint application is optional. 

Does the lamination include a tint?

The appointment time is 1 hour.

How long is the appointment time?

The air lamination results last around 6–8 weeks. 

How long does it last?

The lamination products that we use are TGA FREE. This means no thioglycolic acid or its derivatives which are the main ingredients commonly used for hair perms. Thioglycolic acid can cause the brow hairs to become over processed which can cause them to become dry, brittle, and wavy during the healing process. It is important to us to maintain the health and integrity of all of our clients natural brow hairs. 

Will lamination damage my brow hair?

This lamination technique leaves an air pocket underneath the brow hairs while the lamination process is developing. The common lamination technique uses a cling film that presses the brows down on the skin while the product develops, this causes a kink in the hairs during the grow out process. We want to achieve the most natural looking lamination that stays seamless and healthy throughout the next 8 weeks of the hair growth process.

What is the difference of the “Air Lamination” technique vs. the common lamination technique?

This service uses a solution to manipulate the brow hairs to be able to position them into your desired look. This is commonly used to create a “fluffy” brow look. 

What is brow lamination?

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