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When I was 20 years old, my brow journey began in a salon chair in Beverly Hills. In the middle of my microblading appointment, I heard a voice telling me that this is what I was meant to do with my life. A few months later, I flew back to take my first beginners microblading training where shortly after I started focusing all of my time on building the business.

If you asked me what I love the most about my career, I wouldn’t know how to respond since the answers are endless. However, if I had to narrow it to one feeling that I love the most, I could probably explain it like this: Most people don’t understand how much eyebrows alone can affect someone’s life! The feeling of creating eyebrows for my clients who have alopecia, cancer, hyperthyroidism, trichotillomania, (or any form of hair loss) is something that I cannot describe. After a long day of work, I look forward to coming home to my fiancé and having cuddles with our two fur babies Shooter and Skylar while we discuss business ideas for the week. I absolutely love what I do, the opportunity I have to change people’s lives is something I do not take for granted; however, there are a lot of responsibilities that come with being an artist/owner of a tattoo establishment. I am always looking to continue my education in order to find the best products that elevate my artistry and take my client experience to the next level!

Hi, I'm Caitlyn!

I'm a passionate Leo who was introduced to the PMU industry fairly late in my life. Once I took my first course in permanent makeup, I quit my corporate job and haven't looked back since! When I’m not at the studio, I’m either with my pups and hubby at a coffee shop, or a plant shop nearby in town! You’ll know from the first step into my room that I am obsessed with plants! (some may say that it’s a problem) So if you’re a plant or dog lover like me, we’ll definitely become besties.

Throughout my journey with permanent makeup, I’ve found a sense of passion and purpose when it comes to changing people's lives. The excitement and thrill that I get from this service is indescribable. That's why I’ve made it my mission to produce beautiful and natural looking work that not only brings happiness to my clients, but also pushes the boundaries for what I can truly create. The possibilities are endless and I hope that you will give me the opportunity to show you that!

Hi, I'm Joshua!

I was born and raised in Clearwater, Florida! Growing up, both of my parents were in the beauty industry which inspired me to find my place in the field. I was always very artistic prior to joining the PMU industry, but never expected I'd use my skill to tattoo people! After graduating esthetician school in March of 2021, I quickly found my passion for brows. Now I'm tattooing people's faces!

About a year ago I took my mom to get her brows done by Caitlyn and I fell in love with the entire process. I knew that I wanted to learn the technique immediately! A few short weeks later, I took her microblading course and then in September of 2022 I took her Machine Hair Strokes course. After that, the rest is history! This career brings me so much joy and I feel so lucky to be able to truly help people while also filling my creative cup! I'm so excited for my future in this industry. This is just the beginning!

Hi, I'm Eliana!

While you may recognize my other half (Caitlyn), most people have never met me and I want to change that! I might not be one of the artists at Beauttega, but I still work some magic on the back end of the business. Caitlyn and I have built Beauttega from the ground up together, she has always been the face of the business/artist while I focus on tasks such as: web design, accounting, customer support and studio renovations. You know, the fun stuff!

Growing up, my family always had rescue dogs, up to five at once! I always wondered what it would be like to have a cat as a pet. Now, thanks to Caitlyn’s persistence, I can officially say that I am a proud cat dad to two little furballs: Skylar and Shooter. From 2016 - December of 2022, I was in the Master’s Program of Architecture (SACD) at USF. Now that I have graduated, I've been fortunate enough to find ways to apply my knowledge from school towards our business. This unique opportunity has helped teach me so many valuable lessons about business that I would've never learned. Now that I've graduated, I look forward to the challenges and lessons awaiting me in the future!

Hi, I'm Daniel!

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